Server with 1A4B00F Analog Card and 1TE435BF Digital Card

How does DAHDI map the spans across multiple cards in system.conf? I believe I can run a dahdi_genconf to generate system.conf (I will verify this tomorrow when I can sit down with the hardware and server), but I’d like to understand how this mapping process is handled. I was using the following guide as a quick basic tutorial on setting up the channels: … g-fax.html

The question I have is, how does one know which card gets mapped to Span 1? In my scenario, I have a total of 8 possible spans. Assuming the E1/T1 card gets mapped to Spans 1-4, I would then have up to 4 spans mapped for the analog card on Spans 5-8. Is this purely PCIe slot based on the motherboard?

I hope I’ve relayed my question and information in an understandable fashion. Thanks for the help in advance!

Just as a follow up in case someone’s future search hits this post, I was able to map both cards automatically using dahdi_genconf command in Linux. This generates a system.conf with the spans listed and some default configuration key/value pairs that need to be checked for accuracy based on your intended setup. I also ran dahdi_genconf modules to truncate the modules file down to the two modules associated with the two cards installed. You could also do this manually in the existing modules file by commenting out unused modules.

I’m still not certain as to how DAHDI chooses and maps one card as the first four spans versus the other. I will post a follow up if I track down the answer.