Server specification for Asterisk PBX 18 and Ubuntu

Well, how can I specify a virtual server for my Asterisk PBX with MixMonitor actived for all calls?

Have a document about it or any article that say information for it?

Details is that I use Realtime in MySQL database and ODBC.

hmm there is no real answer to that question
as it depend on a lot of factores, like:

  • how many calls
  • write speed of your HD
  • complexity of your dialplan
  • sound codec

For a virtual server, you also have to consider competition from other guests, whether it can dedicate specific CPU cores, and real memory to your guest.

If you meant cloud server, you need to consider how media reaches it and gets routed onwards, and how much traffic is generated by retrieving your recordings. How much of your traffic is between phones in the same buildlng? Although it seems almost standard to use cloud servers these days, VoIP is a low latency, high datacomms, low storage application, so, arguable not a good fit for a remote server.

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