Server properties for 10 clients

Hi, I’m new to asterix. We are gonna use these phones Cisco SB SPA525G2, there will be 10 of them. So the question is what kind of server (CPU/RAM/etc…) we’ll need to handle 10 phones.

Thanks in advance

Hi Do you want it in a rack ? budget ? these are the 2 main things as any server of a moderate spec will do what you want
good value option is HP N40L micro server with 2meg of ram


I wouldn’t stress too much… With only 10 phones, the most you’ll probably be handling is 20 calls at once.

The big thing would be how you are getting the calls to the outside world. This will dictate more what you need (PCI slot? PCI-X? PCI-e?) or if everything is being sent to the rest of the world via SIP, then the choice of hardware will not really be an issue - anything you buy these days will do it.

The less is best :smile:

Not necessarily

My bad, I forgot to say that these phones are not gonna call outside the office

500mhz, 64mb ram, 10mbps network card