Serious Network Trouble on ARM platform

I have an asterisk- compiled and hosted on a Seagate DockStar device (ARM platform). I configured this asterisk with a single trunk to Gizmo5 and sip show registry shows the following:

DockStar*CLI> sip show registry Host dnsmgr Username Refresh State Reg.Time N 1747XXXXXXX 1800 Request Sent 1 SIP registrations.
With debug enabled, asterisk CLI keeps showing the following Serious Network Trouble messages as shown below:

[2010-06-27 13:27:43] DEBUG[1762]: chan_sip.c:11855 transmit_register: REGISTER attempt 67 to [2010-06-27 13:27:43] DEBUG[1762]: chan_sip.c:3562 __sip_xmit: Trying to put 'REGISTER si' onto UDP socket destined for [2010-06-27 13:27:43] ERROR[1762]: chan_sip.c:3920 __sip_reliable_xmit: Serious Network Trouble; __sip_xmit returns error for pkt data [2010-06-27 13:27:43] DEBUG[1762]: chan_sip.c:3232 registry_unref: SIP Registry refcount now 3
I am no programmer. However, on line 3916 of chan_sip.c source code, the __sip_xmit function is called to return a XMIT_ERROR value stored in xmitres. This happens if sip_prepare_socket function returns a value smaller than 0 when it is called within the __sip_xmit function. As such, this leads to the above Serious Network Trouble messages.

At this point, I sure don’t mind if anyone out here can help.