Sending refer to external address

I am using an external analog gateway. In order to do a network transfer you are supposed to send a refer to the gateway and it will DTMF out the desired destination. From my client I am specifying “#@ip_address” in the Refer-To:, but Asterisk sends back a notify message with “Subscription-state: terminated;reason=noresource”. I get the call just fine. But, can anyone tell me what “noresource” is or a pointer on how to configure Asterisk to forward the refer?

That line in the NOTIFY would be present in any successful transfer. What matters is the payload contents.

I don’t believe Asterisk will relay REFER.

If you specify domain, it will generate a real INVITE/Replaces, if the domain is non-local.

Oh well. I’m using an AudioCodes FXS MP-114, which says it supports hookflash over RFC2833. Does Asterisk 11 support sending the hook flash code (16) over RTP?

The SDP claims it does. I’m not sure of what limitations there may be.

It would appear that it supports it as an incoming message to trigger a hook flash on a DAHDI channel, but not send one out via SIP.