Sending fake auth rejection for device


Every time I try to make a call I get this message:

[2013-03-27 07:48:54] NOTICE[1323]: chan_sip.c:23096 handle_request_invite: Sending fake auth rejection for device “6801” sip:1111@x.x.x.x:5060;tag=5CEjAl.nxNdgr.HSdigRM5y6ivIrFGJc

Now this is real number with the correct password it works fine when I am on local site however from remote sites I get this message.


Also I am getting this.

NOTICE[1323]: chan_sip.c:21329 handle_response_peerpoke: Peer ‘1111’ is now Reachable. (52ms / 2000ms)
[2013-03-27 10:09:52] NOTICE[1323]: chan_sip.c:26758 sip_poke_noanswer: Peer ‘1111’ is now UNREACHABLE! Last qualify: 52

The second problem suggests an overloaded network. It may help slightly if you turn qualify off, until you have something working.

You haven’t provided nearly enough information to speculate on the first one.