SendImage() asterisk 1.6

SendImage() application is available in SIP channel?
Can you help me to use it?

I add to extension.conf the following code

exten => 9001,1,SendImage(/usr/local/src/asterisk/images/asterisk-intro)

i get on asterisk CLI the following message

 -- Executing [9001@users:1] SendImage("SIP/2000-0a433160", "/usr/local/src/asterisk-") in new stack
    -- Auto fallthrough, channel 'SIP/2000-0a433160' status is 'UNKNOWN'

It’s not available for SIP:

centos*CLI> core show channeltype sip -- Info about channel driver: SIP -- Device State: yes Indication: yes Transfer : yes Capabilities: 65535 Digit Begin: yes Digit End: yes Send HTML : yes Image Support: no Text Support: yes

It is supported for IAX2, and probably only for that.

Note that your CLI output would be no different if it had worked. You would have needed to display the value of ${SENDIMAGESTATUS}.

How can i display the value of ${SENDIMAGESTATUS}?