Send text error

Hello All,

asterisk 11.10.x rpm install on CentOS 6. / w Freepbx 2.11.x

Also I am using a GoogleVloce DID and FreePBX has a module that 'auto-generates" the configuration for this setup very nicely,and I am guessing this may have something to do with this error.

All phones recieve,and dial fine on system , just for completeness.

I have been trying to get text messaging setup and have read many how to’s on this subject. A couple days ago ,by the asterisk CLI it appeared the message was sending and in que correctly sending a text to the same sip phone/Android I was sending from via CSIPSimple. I never did actually get the message to show up as received in the Android phone though.

Freepbx had about 5 modules for upgrade, so upgraded them. Of course after upgrading this I am seeing the following error,in the asterisk CLI. :

"Purely numeric hostname (###########), and not a peer–rejecting! "

Would somone be able to show an example what should be used in the default [astsms} entry to get around this?

Thank You,