Send caller to remote pbx

Asterisk 13.18.1
Centos 7

I need to send a caller to a remote pbx with an ip address how can this be done?

Call comes in goes to Queue or transfer caller directly to remote pbx.

Do I create an endpoint in pjsip.conf and attach it in queue.conf?
maybe in dialplan I transfer them directly to remote pbx without going to queue?

How can I test this with two asterisk?

It’s no different in principle to transferring them to your ITSP.

after doing alot of research this was a silly question lol
but I do have a follow up question which I may make another topic on but if you can answer it ill appreciate it

Is there a way to monitor from the original asterisk server whether the call is still active after I send it to the 2nd asterisk.

basically if I send the caller to the remote server is there a way for me to see the status of the call. Like if its still active, who the call is sent to and if I can still barge into the call and or record the call?

If you use Dial, the signalling path continues to pass through Asterisk.