Send Automatic call history report via email

Greeting all,
I need enable Asterisk PBX Server automatically send call history report every 5 hours or everyday to via email to admin manager, please need your support how I can configure it on Asterisk server your help and support is highly appreciated.


Typically you would use the Linux logrotate command, from a Linux cron job, for this.

I assume that you are talking about the CDR file, in which case I don’t think you have to do anything on the Asterisk side, other than allowing a slight pause between the rename and the emailing.

Details of how you email depedn on your configuration of the Linux machine, not on Asterisk.

Thanks david551,
Sure I am talking about CDR. The Asterisk PBX should generate it for every day or hour and send it at the end of the day send it via email to admin manager.

Please do not repeat your question. That implies that you could be outside of your depth.

Asterisk is a toolkit for making telephony applications, which can include PBXes, but also other things. The nature of the PBX you have created with Asterisk is not something we are party to.

Asterisk needs to run on an OS. What you need to implement your requirement relates to the configuration of the OS, not to Asterisk. We know nothing about the OS you have chose, other than it is likely to be some form of Linux.

The only thing you need to know about Asterisk is that it closed the CDR file between every write, so simply renaming it will result in Asterisk continuing with a new file, under the original name. Some other logs require you to issue a command to close and reopen the file.

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