Send and Receivr Fax from asterisk

Hope all are fine. I am currently working that how can i send to and receive fax from asterisk and for this i downloaded the NoojeeFax.3.0.0 in the /usr/lib/ directory and after reading the file /usr/lib/NoojeeFax-3.0.0/readme.txt I followed the instructions. The first instruction is in the file is

When you finish the install you will need to:

  • build the fax channel drivers:

see the instuctions in /opt/njfax/drivers/DriversInstall.txt

you will need to be logged in as a super-user.

So i follow it i went to /usr/lib/NoojeeFax3.0.0/drivers/DriversInstall.txt and followed the instruction given in it. But after i follow all the instructions in it, i faced a serious problem that my system was not starting it gives me a message <0>kernel Panic not synchronizing. While tracing the problem i found that a service named Pikahsp is the culprit. I start my system(Centos 4.3) in interactive mode and disable this service(Pikahsp), the system running normally but everytime i enable Pikahsp service it gives me <0> kernel panic not synchronizing. Can any one tell me about this i .And please also tell me that how i do the following step

  • create an mx record on your dns server to forward emails to it,
  • it will fax any email it receives with a phone number.

Means how i create MX record for send fax through my email client