Segmentation fault on REGISTER

To whom it may concern,

Asterisk 16.25.3, 18.11.3, 19.3.3 are crashing with a “Segmentation fault” on ALIX2D3, running OpenBSD 7.1 after trying to REGISTER at The pjsip.conf is constructed through the wizard; nothing fancy in either pjsip.conf or pjsip_wizard.conf:


; res_pjsip_outbound_registration

; sip

type = global
default_realm =

type = transport
protocol = udp
bind =

type = transport
protocol = tcp
bind =

; pjsip list ciphers
; Transport for *registering* via TLS. Still opens a local TLS port (without
; having a cert defined!). May not be the correct solution.
protocol = tls
method = tlsv1
bind =

; accept unauthenticted calls from the net
; Endpoints are a representation of the configuration information for a remote
; device that is to be communicated with

; AOR: an identifier for a device, or multiple devices, which is used for looking up how to contact them.

type = wizard
accepts_registrations = no       ; an identify object is created to match incoming requests to the endpoint
sends_auth = yes                 ; creates auth object
sends_registrations = yes        ; creates outbound_auth registration objects
aor/qualify_frequency = 30
endpoint/disallow = all
endpoint/allow = alaw
endpoint/dtmf_mode = rfc4733
endpoint/rtp_symmetric = yes
endpoint/force_rport = yes
endpoint/rewrite_contact = yes
endpoint/timers = yes
endpoint/language = de
;endpoint/send_rpid = yes
;endpoint/send_pai = yes


transport = transport-tls-out ; encrypted TLS on port 5061 (defined in pjsip.conf)
;I tried TCP, UDP and TLS...
endpoint/context = vodafone_incoming
remote_hosts =
registration/contact_user = +49xxxxxxxxxx ; Calls from the provider will arrive in this extension in the dialplan
endpoint/from_user = xxxxxxxxx
endpoint/from_domain =
outbound_auth/username = +49xxxxxxxxxx
outbound_auth/password = xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Literally copied from PJSIP in Asterisk

What I don’t get: several days ago everything was working flawlessly, despite using a different configuration, without the wizard - if I disable the endpoint, Asterisk starts normally…

To rule out software errors, I re-installed OpenBSD and Asterisk - next week I’m able to switch to an APU1C4 and can possibly rule out hardware errors…

I can post the DEBUG log, if necessary - thank you in advance for your time and support!

You are going to need to supply the back traces, from an unoptimised build.

However, OpenBSD is not a supported OS, so I suspect that, if the problem isn’t obvious, you will have to diagnose it yourself.