Segmentation fault (core dumped) while installing asterisk 14.62

Hi Im getting Segmentation fault (core dumped)–If i try to do “make” after completing “./configure” it is giving error:Segmentation fault (core dumped).
Please help me to resolve the above Problem.

make is a standard Unix development tool. Support for crashes in it don’t come from here.

However, if it is crashing, I would suggest the most likely cause is faulty hardware causing memory to be corrupted, given that is is heavily used that it is unlikely to last long in the wild without a crashing bug being fixed.

So what is the solution for this now ?

Run an aggressive memory test, and replace any faulty memory. If you can find one, run an aggressive CPU test and replace any faulty CPU. Contact the maintainer of the LInux distribution used, or of make, regarding any possible bugs in make, after making sure that you are using the latest stable version. Try a different mother board in case the motheboard is faulty.

ok I will run and try …Thank you

Before contacting the distribution or make maintainer, and after reproducing hte problem in the latest version, obtain the debug symbols package for make, ensure that ulimit allows core dumps, and use gdb to obtain backtraces from the core dumps.