Segfault on iax2 call using ilbc?

Hi All,

Since upgrading to Asterisk 1.2 i’ve encountered a strange problem; I use a VOIP provider who uses IAX2 termination and ilbc as the preferred codec. Making a call out segfaults when the remote end answers; I’ve analysed the core dump with gdb and I get:

#0  0x407dd374 in iCBSearch (iLBCenc_inst=0x8192e68, index=0xbdbf698c, gain_index=0xbdbf69cc, intarget=0xbdbf715c, mem=0xbdbf6b04, 
    lMem=85, lTarget=22, nStages=3, weightDenum=0xbdbf5f18, weightState=0x55, block=0) at iCBSearch.c:93
93          for (stage=0; stage<nStages; stage++) {

Asterisk 1.0.9 works without a problem. It’s got me thrown. The only thing that might have a bearing is that i’m using an EPIA CPU (VIA Nehemiah) - not sure if this introduces codec problems etc.

If anybody can shed any light on this problem it’d be much appreciated.