Save data a telephone survey

Hi, I create a telephone survey.
The operator finishes speaking, forwards the call to a telephone intern who take the survey.
The only problem is that the callerid who does the survey is recorded in the database and not that of the operator.
How can I save the callerid who answered the call?


Dial plan please, let see what variables are you using to save data on the DB

Dont remember if this variable hold the channel name of the one doing the transfer

also assuming you re using queue

; MEMBERINTERFACE is the interface name (eg. Agent/1234)
; MEMBERNAME is the member name (eg. Joe Soap)

Caller ID is only defined for incoming calls!!!

Depending on your service provider, it is possible that they will provide cannected line ID, but is more likely that you would want the number that you dialed, which just mean copying the value of ${EXTEN} at some appropriate point and arranging to log it.

However, we do really need to see your dialplan to see how you are doing all this.

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