Sangoma card generates too much interrupts that slows the co

Dear All,

I am trying to configure Asterisk server with 2 Sangoma 108D cards that each takes 4 PRI input channels for 240 incoming calls from customers.

The problem is that system is generating too much interrupts that all other
devices stops respoding.

The ‘top’ command shows the interrupt level increasing to more than 30%.

As a result the voice of the dialing party gets so slow that it can not be understood.

Please suggest a solution to make system working…

System Configuration is as follows:

T1/E1 Card: Sangoma 108D
Computer Server: Dell PowerEdge 2900
Operating System: CentOS 5.2 Kernel: 2.6.18-8.el5

Thanks in Advance…


Handling circuit switched telephony in software is very interrupt intensive, so you may just need a faster machine. However, there may be options for the card driver to wait several frames between interrupts. I don’t use Zap/Dahdi devices, so I don’t know the details.