Sample Asterisk user's manual (NOT admin manual)

Has anyone written a reasonably comprehensive sample manual that’s suitable for PBX end users rather than administrators, something that can be used as a foundation for creating our own to distribute among our users?

I tried Google and got mostly references to the Asterisk Definitive Guide which is mainly for installers and administrators.

I also searched this forum for every keyword combo I could think of that’s relevant and found nothing.



Asterisk is not a product for END-USERS! it is used by end users but you need at least linux-network and maybe telephony knowledge to create a decent PBX.

Of course you have alternatives with distros like FreePBX-Distro, PBX in a Flash and Elastix, but at least you need to understand simple terms of networking and setup ip phones.

Yes, I know. I don’t have any trouble setting it up (well, yes, I do have trouble but that’s another story for another forum). What I need is something that can guide all those “used by end users”-type end users to use the system once I have set it up, make calls, configure voicemail, use call forwarding, all the stuff end users want to do on a PBX. I can write a guide myself but surely that has all been done before and I can take what is already available and change it to suit our installation and users, then if there is interest I can contribute my changes back to the group.

Oh, I see. I confused you with my “a foundation for creating our own” request, my apologies for that. What I meant was a foundation for creating our own user’s manual for our end users.

I see, yes there is no documentation for that, you have the phone’s manual to let people learn about how the phone works, but from the Asterisk side there is no Documentation that is made by the Administrator, because you can setup as you want, I’m agree with you with the voicemail instructions but for all other stuff isn’t generic because depend on how the system was developed.