Same values for different fields in res_ldap.conf

Hello, how can I reuse/map the same fields from ldap (Active Directory) in res_ldap.conf ?

Did you try something like…



Yes, but Asterisk output is No objects found.


There is somethin mentioned about variables, but I don’t know how to use them.

Attributes mapping (asterisk variable name = ldap attribute name)

Does it work with just one mapping ?


…so removing the “max_contacts” line ?

Yes it does, but in this example I want to use the same value as telephoneNumber has or I want to define it in Asterisk configuration somewhere.

Well, I’m not sure I follow the example… why would id ever be equal to max_contacts ? Maybe you are overflowing the accepted range of values ?

no… that was just an example, in any other case I cannot use value twice

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