Same old park timeout problem

I have not seen this addressed fully so here goes.

Our receptionist places a call on park expecting it to be answered in the 120 seconds specified in features.conf.

The receptionist is on the phone when the call returns to her after the timeout.

The caller is dropped and calls back in a less-than stellar mood.

I have read the bugfixes and the posts for this issue but can’t find a definitive way to configure the features.conf and extensions.conf to enable the caller to be redirected to a call group (or anywhere else). There are several examples but none of them work for me and they are all different in their approach. Some use ‘t’, some use ‘s’, and some use ‘i’. Some change the name of the context specified in features for parked calls. Some add a [park-dial] context in extensions-additional. Some use a [parkinglot]. None of them worked for me. Nothing is officially documented as a solution for this.

Here’s my question: Is there a final, correct way to get this to work?

Does it require a certain version of Asterisk? I read about a patch (bug # 0006953) that should fix it but there is little documentation (only what’s in the bug page). Is that still just a patch or is it in any version for release? Sorry, that’s more than one question…we just can’t lose too many more callers.


Does anyone have any ideas on this problem? Is there a better way to do this? I am out of ideas.