I have windows XP SP2/SP1 client Pcs and a linux server (fedora-4). Looking for samba client software that will be installed in client Pcs to access linux server.

If anyone knows about the site pls let me know.


Windows doesn’t need “samba software client” !! SaMBa (SMB) networking is built into Windows networking, it’s why samba was developed i would have thought.

if you have samba networking configured correctly, any Windows PC with TCP/IP networking installed will be able to see it.

not entirely sure this is Asterisk-related though.

Yep, that’s the correct answer above. If you have Samba setup and running on your *nix box it will be seen quite easily by your Windows machines. I have this running and it’s like having another Windows server on the LAN.

The Samba setup is not as easy as just turning it on however. If you read the docs you’ll find what you need…but being someone who hates other people who post simple answers like RTFM, if you’ll PM me I’ll try and walk you through this. It’s easy once you get the proper shares and passwords entered for your users.


there are a couple pretty good tools to help setup samba. you can use either webmin

hope that helps