S100U support? Please don't laugh

I tried Asterisk back in 2004 with an S100P and X100P.
I recently dug them out of the closet and dusted them off.
Asterisk 1.6 detected the X100P but I don’t think DAHDI supports the S100U.
(does it?)

Where can I get a version of asterisk that supports my hardware OR
Where can I get an affordable DEV KIT that will work on modern Asterisk versions?
Are versions of asterisk that use ZAPTEL still available?

I’m just playing an don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on hardware.

-Steve Bennett

There are lots of website that sell hardware for Asterisk.
Those are two that I use alot, there are tons more. The sites have cards you can put into PCI slots in the pc, or you could buy ATA devices that you just plug the phone line into and the ATA converts it into SIP, or IAX2. As for a provider of phone service to you, you could sign up for a VoIP provider for cheap rates, I use teliax, and only pay when I use the line. I am slowly building my own network with my friends so we can all just call each other from my asterisk server and talk for free. There are many possibilities to “play” with asterisk. Good Luck!