"s" issue in Master.csv

Hello Everyone

I have issue in Master.csv. For all fail Calls its not showing MSISDN its only shows “s” as context. Any one can help. Below are sample

“”,“55222”,“s”,“CH”,“55222”,“SIP/CH-000009e8”,"","","",“2017-04-11 11:44:03”,“2017-04-11 11:44:04”,1,0,“NO ANSWER”,“DOCUMENTATION”,“1491907443.2536”,""

s is in the destination extension field which generally means that the caller didn’t provide any routing digits.

Note, as this is a SIP call, there is no mobile station integrated service digital number. The nearest equivalent is the user field in the SIP request URI.

s means that either the URI only contained a domain, or that the user field was explicitly s. The most likely reason for the latter is that you registered with the peer and did not provide an alternative contact number.

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