RTPProxy bridge vs Asterisk DirectMedia

I’m trying to set Kamailio and RTPProxy as single trunk to several PBXs (like many others).

I’m trying to be as flexible as possible.
The kamailio have several interfaces

  • WAN for world wide carriers and PBXs
  • P2P to local carrier
  • Internal net for other PBXs

I’m trying to force the rtpproxy to bridge all calls, no matter from\to but I can’t be sure it is actually doing it.

When I use sngrep on simple freepbx with a trunk and extension and testing outgoing call - I can see that 2 seperate sip sessions are generated:

  1. From extension to pbx
  2. From pbx to trunk

When the call is answered - asterisk bridge the calls.

My question is: When working with RTPProxy in bridge mode - will it do the same? Should I see 2 different SIP sessions in sngrep or rtpproxy deals only with RTP and do nothing with SIP?

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