Routing Question

I am trying to understand the routing logic. As it stands, I have two extensions; call them 1000 and 1001. I have two different DID’s coming in from my provider and they work well. However, when 1000 dials the DID of 1001 (full ten digit number), the number takes the default route out to the provider and never returns. Is there a way to keep the traffic “in house” so to speak so it doesn’t have to traverse the provider?

If you have local extensions, why don’t you just use the extension numbers for internal calls? I don’t see any advantages in calling a public number, if the local extension number is reachable …

It is strange that call to a public number does not work. Perhaps the provider has some restrictions?

If you want us to help you, you need to provide some call debugs. For a start a printout from Asterisk console (verbosity atleast 3) when you make the call and copy/paste of your sip.conf and extensions.conf files.

With Asterisk, you have to supply the routing logic, for it to do anything at all. If you created that logic you need to provide it here for us to be able to work out what is wrong. If you didn’t create it, you need to ask whoever did create it, e.g. ask on the forums, if it was created as part of FreePBX.

Incidentally, as described, I think you want to have four extensions, in the Asterisk sense. One DID and one local one, for each of your two telephone devices. Typically, you would use a Goto in the DID extension logic to redirect to the local extension number.