Router Solution

We have a corporate Voip solution in place (shortel system) we are looking for a router that will do VPN from users home offices back to our corporate office (cisco vpn 3000) We would like this device to have Qos so the voice traffic will have priority over all other traffic. Can you let me know what you think our best choice would be.

I have been doing some research on this myself…the best bang for the buck I have found to date is Monowall (you can build your own as well of course).

QOS and VPN is a bit tricky. The purpose of VPN is hide your packets from the networks it passes through. The purpose of QOS is to let all of the networks know that you have important traffic coming through. Any QOS flags set inside the VPN packets are never seen by the routers that pass the VPN packets. Another problem is that some of the routers on the internet may not respect your QOS flags even if they see them. To sum it all up, QOS inside VPN is not going to do you any good. That being said, I would agree that m0n0wall is an excellent choice for a remote office VPN/Firewall. M0n0wall has excellent traffic shaping features that will allow you to do some QOS at the border router level.