Round robin in CLI

I have the page PHP where it is a possibile send the SMS.

$command="/usr/sbin/asterisk -rx “;
$output = shell_exec(”$command "dongle sms dongle0 $telnumber $ftext " ");

If i have 4 o 6 dongle how it is a possible send the SMS with all DONGLE?


What it is the value of $command
also you need to scape some of the double quote using \

I write the error when cut and paste

$output = shell_exec(”$command \"dongle sms dongle0 $telnumber $ftext \" ");

$command is
$command="/usr/sbin/asterisk -rx “;
for entry in CLI

Yes I see the command value now sorry

It is needed to know the syntax for the dongle sms dongle0 ,I dont know it if I know it I can help you

chan_dongle is third party code. It may be difficult to finda forum regular who knows anything about it.

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