Ring group time limit ignored on outside number

I have a ring group with an phone number in it followed by a #. It rings the number but ignores the number of seconds (10) I set for the ring time limit.

I also put an extension in the group to see what happens and it only rings the ext for the set number of seconds. It just continues to keep the outside line open and ring that number until it’s voice mail picks up after about 30 seconds.

The system is Asterisk and dahdi 2.4.0 with freepbx 2.7

Is this a bug or a limitation?

If so what other ways can I get an inbound call to the pbx to ring my cellphone for 10 seconds and then call my home phone?

This is probably another mismatched line supervision issue. To achieve what you want:

  • the line has to be configured to provide answer supervision (this is done by your PSTN operator);
  • chan_dadhi.conf has to be set up to recognize the sort of answer supervision used (you may have to ask the PSTN operator to find out what supervision they use).

Without this, it has to assume the call is answered immediately after dialing.

Incidentally, ring groups and suffixing # are both likely to be GUI concepts, not part of Asterisk itself.