Ring group: Ring all available channels until ALL answers

How can create ring group table, which ringing each available extension until all answers?
In deafult, ringall: Ring all available channels until one answers (default).
No, I interested in “Ring all available channels until ALL answers” function, is it work this function? If, yes, how?

Maybe the ‘Page’ app is what you want? Check it out.

Page, as @cable said, would be the closest thing already existing. Otherwise you’d need to do it yourself probably using Originate and ConfBridge.

Other questions I’d have:
What happens to channels that have answered while they’re waiting?
What if a channel never answers?
Do they all get bridged together on answer?

thanks for answering, this is one of the project of company.
For example, assistant director calling fo gathering workers in a meeting via ring group number at one action.

  1. They coming to meeting room which who have answered, and they can put the phone(What happens to channels that have answered while they’re waiting?)
  2. Should continue until the last worker answers the phone(What if a channel never answers?)
  3. Not together, only an audio that there will be a meeting will be posted to the answering workers announcing(Do they all get bridged together on answer?)

How can i organise this task with asterisk(16) and freepbx(15)?

Sounds to me as though this should be done asynchronously, using call files, rather than waiting for everyone to answer before starting to play the message to anyone.

I’m so sorry, I’m a new user on asterisk, maybe i didn’t understand your suggestion, can you explain how it works and how to set up this?


no, it is other function. I need a function whit as ring group, differences only “Ring all available channels until ALL answers”.
Can is create or organise this module on Asterisk?

exten=_*9,1,Page(PJSIP/1002& PJSIP/1003& PJSIP/1004)

The OP apparently wants to ring those devices that were busy at the time, as well, and to wait indefinitely for those on their lunch break. (But, it would seem, doesn’t want an announcement made to any until all have answered, as they have rejected call files.)

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