Reviews using OSLEC Echo cancellation

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I have an Openvox TDM400P running OSLEC echo cancellation and for me, is working fine but have you ever try use OSLEC with T1/E1/J1 interfaces? I want to know that info because the cards with echo cancellation module are really expensive and we can save to the client and to us too.
So, What is your opinion using OSLEC with T1/E1/J1 interfaces not necesary of Digium, i mean others brand names too…

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What is the difference in cost ?

The price!! For example 1 card with echo cancellation module cost: 500usd maybe the same card without echo cancellation module cost something like 340usd.

Have someone reviews using OSLEC with T1/E1/J1 hardware?

That’s not so much money, the difference, compared to the cost of everything else in the system, no?

I believe OSLEC will be just fine. Alternatively you can also try the PBXMate. This product cancels echo across multiple networks so it will surely cancel local echo from T1/E1.

The prices are very different! 150 to 200usd is nothing when you client have a lot of money or is a big company or call center, but if the client is a small business with 5 employes, hehe… is better be in his shoes and buy the cheapest!

Out of curiosity, what is the monthly cost for an E1 line to connect to the card?

Ok, you are rigth! You kill me hahah

I’m not attempting sarcasm, I’m genuinely curious. What is the monthly line cost of bringing in the E1? Is it a cross-connect in a data center? Is it prem with a loop charge?