Retrieving dialtone from asterisk 16

Asterisk 16 is connected to real line (without any device like phone or hub).

I just want to get the dialtone in the line.

Using REST API i am able to do outgoing call .

how to retrieve dial tone detail from it ?

It will be highly appreciated, if method need to be called for getting this usecase.

I’m having trouble working out the requirement here. Knowing the ultimate goal might help.

I assume directly to a line means an analogue Dahdi line, and, if you expect any dialtone, other than the one you have configured with Asterisk, so already know, I assume it is via an FXO line card.

I think you can only listen to the dialtone as (early) media, and you would have to dial a number which was zero length or only contained pauses.

It was FXO line card only .

Using ARI I am able to call my mobile number ,but when I try to get events for the application may give me required results in error “AttributeError: ‘WebSocket’ object has no attribute ‘raise_for_status’”

outgoing_number=“my mobile no”

client = ari.connect(‘http://local:8088’, ‘local’, ‘local’)

events =‘channel-dump’,subscribeAll=‘true’)

Create channel

channel = client.channels.originate(endpoint=‘DAHDI/16’, app=‘channel-dump’)
print(“Channel created”)

Can you suggest me way or ARI method which can be used to get dial tone ?

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