[Resolved]IDE, which?

I am considering drilling down into Asterisk and check out the code.
I am not too crazy about the idea of using gdb, vi,… I realize there are different schools of thought, but I’ve grown accustomed to IDEs since… well Turbo Pascal 2.0 back in '85… with breaks in the last almost ten years.
To the point: Is there a solid IDE (recognized/favored) in the community to develop Asterisk?
I’ve checked out Eclipse. Built on Java however I am not comfortable with the C/C++ plugin. It appears it is not native and therefore “removed” from the Asterisk’s native environment. I.e. I expect to not necesarily get the results I get through gcc.

It’s rather quit in here… I am going the old school route for now. Editor, gcc and gdb with ddd on top.