[RESOLVED]: How catch digit press while waiting in queue


I want to create script that log any digit key press event for channels that are waiting in queue.
How can I catch event when somebody in queue press any key on phone without kicking it out of queue?

There is no AMI event if I press any digit key while I’m in queue and there is no extension in my current context.

I set ‘context’ variable to queues and add to this context any extension, for example:

It creates AMI event when I press 1 while waiting in queue, but it throw me out of the queue.

Is there any solution?

My Asterisk version is 11.7

I’ve forgot to add ‘dtmf’ permission to manager.conf, now DTMF events presents in AMI

Also there is “DTMF” event described in AMI docs, but I never seen it in AMI console despite of the fact, that Asterisk voice menu works fine, that means DTMF works in general. I tried changing dtmfmode from “auto” to “inband” and “rfc2833” in my sip.conf, but there is steel no such event in my AMI connection. When I’ve changed it to “info” DTMF became broken.

Is there any way to make my sip clients raise this event when they press keys?