[RESOLVED] Having issue w/ Main menu taking

Hi All,

We have 4 incoming pots lines that plug into a digium card (FXS signaling on all) as well as a Broadvoice SIP line. When a caller calls in they are greeted with a playback menu for routing choices (1-sales, 2-accounting, etc) as well as having the option to dial extensions. The SIP line works fine, however the POTS lines wil not take any entered keys. It just plays the message through, then falls out the back end and transfers to the operator. This seems to work normally initially after doing a restart on asterisk (yesterday morning) and then over time it reverts to not taking any input. I’ve puleld out a fair amount fo hair trying to determine what is causing this, and trying different conf parameters to no avail. ANY HELP would be MUCH APPRCIATED.

Selection from conf files follows:


channel => 1
channel => 2
channel => 3
channel => 4

Extensions.conf: (selection)

exten => s,1,Answer
exten => s,n,Ringing()
exten => s,n,Wait(3)
exten => s,n,DigitTimeout(5)
exten => s,n,ResponseTimeout(6)
exten => s,n,Background(company-mainmenu)

; go to Operator if caller does nothing, or hangup otherwise
exten => t,1,Dial(SIP/ext1,ext2) ; ext1, and ext2 replaced original ext
exten => h,1,Hangup
exten => #,1,Hangup

; incoming calls can use extensions
include => local-extensions

Doh, I forgot to include:

running freebsd, and asterisk 1.2.4


Well, I believe this is also related to the following in my asterisk message log:

May 4 13:28:21 WARNING[4316] chan_zap.c: Ignoring signalling

any thoughts?


try uncommenting relaxdtmf=yes

that will make the system recognize DTMF tones easier…i would venture to guess that’s what is happening, the system is just not recognizing the tones. try that first.

try uncommenting relaxdtmf=yes

One of the first things I tried to no effect. I was actually quite hopeful about that idea when I first had it…

ok, so I solve dthe problem a while back, and figured I’d post it. The problem arises from DTMF tones not being recognized by the system. I’m not sure what teh reason is, but I do know that it is a problem related to the FreeBSD drivers. Switched to a linux system and all is well. Spoke w/ a few asterisk professionals and they had seen similar but not quite the same issues on FreeBSD. Good luck.