[RESOLVED] connecting to http server, http connection closed

I’m trying to connect with a cisco 7960g to an unknown version of Asterisk. The phone works for about five minutes. After that 5 minute period, when I try to make calls, I’ll get the following message at the bottom of the phone:

connecting to HTTP server

and 10 seconds later, I see this:

HTTP connection closed

does anyone have any suggestions or stories here? when I googled for these error messages, I get only 1 result, a gzipped IRC log:

Any suggestions? I’m guessing it’s some sort of firewall issue or session timeout, but I’m at a loss as to what settings I need to change.

UPDATE: this appears to be an issue with Motorola’s router software. see post below.

It seems that the issue was my Motorola Cable Modem Wireless Gateway device (model no. SBG900). Port triggers and forwarding didn’t help on the SIP ports (5060 & 5061), disabling firewall didn’t help, and setting the TCP timeouts to in port triggering and TCP/UDP/ICMP session timeouts to 28800 didn’t help.

Replacing the unit with an RCA cablemodem and a netgear WGT624 resolved the issue.

Hopefully google will find this page for anyone else that had the same problem as I did.