[RESOLVED] Can Asterisk be run interactively

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to run * interactively? I would like to see the sequence in which things get loaded and in so doing try and fault find better.
Thanks in advance

Start it using the “-c” switch.

Thanks for reply rightbrain.
This works fine, but I want to trace throught the whole convoluted way that Asterisk loads at startup. I.o.w. I want to see the sequence that each mod gets loaded and pause, if I so desire, to figure out the logic behind the loading

asterisk -cvvvvvvvvvv

Hi rightbrain

I already tried that option. It does show me what loads, I agree, but what Iwant to do is to pause the load sequence manually and the continue as I wish
Thanks again

What you are basically looking for is a debugger so that you can stop and step into the processes. Since you have the source coce for Asterisk all you need is a C debugger and run Asterisk through the debugger. Don’t ask me which debugger since I am not a C programmer but I am sure our good friend Google will comeup with something :smile:

Thanks to all for their input. Looks like I will have to get hold of a debugger