[RESOLVED] Asterisk Newbie Question

I have just finished reading O’Reillys book. From my understanding, Each Asterisk server can support up to 4 digital/analog stations per interface card. In the event you are building a PBX with 16 stations, you will require 4 interface cards. Does this mean that if you’re building a PBX with 100 stations, you’ll require additional servers to accomodate the station requirements since you can add approximately only 5 interface cards per server?

In addition, is there a limitation for VoIP stations? Are any additional interface cards or hardware required for VoIP?

Also, i’m currently in a Nortel x21 environment utilizing a bix setup to physically connect the stations to the nortel switch. The ports on interface cards for Asterisk are RJ-11. Would there be an easy to convert from a Bix setup to RJ-11? Or is there an option to continue using Bix?


Not exactly DIgium makes several differnt card the newer TDM2400P gives you 24 ports for either FXO or FXS. You could use a quad T1 card and get 96. on the VOIP side there is no limitation to the number of stations that I am aware of but there is a limit on how many simultaneos calls yuo server can handel depending on several factors. More info on this here

voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … mensioning

Thanks Rusty!!

Are you aware of any simple guides that can show me how to configure 2 voip/sip sets on the same asterix server so that I can see one set call the other?

Examples on the site listed above start here


Thank You!!