[RESOLVED] app_conference and speaker detection


It is said in this page that app_conference permits to “presents messages on the Monitor interface for determine which speakers are active.”

But I can’t manage to find where this interface is. When I’m connected to the CLI>, I don’t see anything about the active speaker.

Does anyone know how to see the active speaker in a such conference ?



first things first … you’ve downloaded, compiled and installed this non-standard app right ?

you might be best of emailing the project admins if you have, and are having problems.

I only have app_conference on my lab system wich isnt up at the moment but, I think you need to telnet into the manager port possibly or set your debug higher.

app_conference is far more efficent than Meetme when you have no zap cards as it doesnt need a timer.


Exactly, you have to connect to the manager API via telnet for example to see all events.
That’s the same with meetme and the option T, you can see the talker by the same way.

Thanks for your reply !