[Resolv]Voicemail with LDAP

hello all,

I have a problem with realtime ldap.

All Sip account has on ldap, and work correctly but i have a problem for work voicemail.
i have edit the file “extconfig.conf” and add the line:
“voicemail => ldap,“ou=Entreprise,dc=FMV,dc=fr”,voicemail”

res_ldap has edit to accept [voicemail]

when i call a phone, voicemail not work, and voicemailMain too.
if i complete the file voicemail.conf with static account, it work.

I think you have to add the following line as well :
voicemail_data => ldap,"ou=Entreprise,dc=FMV,dc=fr,voicemail

Can you show us some logging? What kind of errors do you get.

it’s ok, an error on ldap with attribute : AstVoicemailMailbox.
it’s just ‘name’ and i write ‘name@default’.