Resizing partition in VM environemnt

Hey all,

Im running our PBX in a hyperV environment and need to expand from a 10G to a 20G parition. I have extended the partition size on the windows side however when i run resize2fs /dev/sda2 (the main partition) I am greeted with “The filesystem is already ##### blocks long. Nothing to do!”

iv used this approche before in an AWS enviropnemtn with cplanel but im wondering if theres a step missing here where I need to tell Asterisk that the disk is larger before I resize the partition… Anyone have any ideas on this?



PS: found some info Regarding redhat/deb etc but they dont seem to be doing the job with SHMZ

This is a Linux question, not an Asterisk one.

My thinking is since SHMZ (from what I can tell) is an asterisk specific distro (it is right?) and because the normal steps you would take with CentOS don’t seem to be applicable, that this would be a good place to ask.
Is there another section I should be posting this to?

SHMZ seems to be something created by the FreePBX people, so definitely not supported here. I would assume that the answer is either that it is not supported, or that the process is the same as for CentOS>