Resend INVITE via ARI

Hi, I am trying to implement PUSH Notifications via ARI, On a Channel Originate, i grab the Protocol_Id which is basically Call-Id, I send this over to the apple phone via push notification. The phone receives the push and wakes up. After wakeup it issues REGISTER. However it does not receive the INVITE packet again. So the phone is unable to join the call.
Is there any space of RE-Sending of INVITE Package, via ARI, Cli command or any configuration that allows to resent the invite. This would finalize the PUSH loop.
I also see the RFC 8599: Push Notification with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Holds the INVITE and sends it to phone after REGISTER. is there any way we can hold the invite as well ? I am using ARI by the way for Call Originate

No. PJSIP has no support for RFC 8599, and ARI is not a programming interface for SIP. The most you could do is not send an INVITE and instead send the push notification first to wake it up. After some time (or monitoring device state to see when it becomes available) actually call the endpoint.

If not ARI, Is it possible via AGI / AMI ?

There is no such lower level control over the SIP stack accessible in ARI, AGI, or AMI.

It’s possible with AGI, probably not entirely as the RFC says, but you can do something like this:

Handle incoming call, use a pre-dial handler to send the push notification, in the handler run an AGI script, that sends the push notification, then enters a loop that checks if the extension is registered.

In my experience the registration should happen within about 5 sec after sending the push notification, at least on iOS, which is what I’ve been focusing on.

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