res_fax_digium v34


Today I need it to implement the v34 modem type for my fax solution, and I had the surprise to see that the res_fax_digum library is returning the following message:

[2014-11-21 09:09:37.166] ERROR[29068]: res_fax_digium.c:1624 dgm_fax_new: V.34 not supported, will be ignored.

But in the manual fax_for_asterisk_manual.pdf it is written that the v34 it is supported by the library.

What do I need to activate the v34 modem type to use on my asterisk fax machine? There is necessary to chagne to ChanSPAN tehnology?

I will also acitvate the T38 fax over sip.

Thank you in advance
George Sand


That’s an error in the manual, sorry. I’ll alert the documentation team.