res_crypto can't be built (SmartOS)

Hey Everyone

I’m experimenting with running Asterisk on SmartOS (basically a Solaris zone) and can’t seem to get res_crypto to build. It is listed as XXX in menuselect so it thinks that I’m missing some dependencies. I’ve got the system OpenSSL installed (via pkgin) and I have the headers stored in /opt/local/include/openssl (automatic). I’ve also attempted to download/compile OpenSSL from source and specified it through --with-crypto= and it still appears as XXX.

Would anyone have any tips for resolving this that I could try?


Just to add, I’ve been looking into the output from configure and found that the OpenSSL library headers appear to be getting located:

checking for AES_encrypt in -lcrypto... yes
checking openssl/aes.h usability... yes
checking openssl/aes.h presence... yes
checking for openssl/aes.h... yes

however SSL not so much?

checking for SSL_connect in -lssl... no

Ah, issue resolved and shouldn’t have taken so long.

Turns out that on SmartOS, you need to run

./configure --with-ssl=/opt/local --with-crypto=/opt/local

and all is well.