Requirements to start VoIP Business

Hi Friends,

Can anybody tell me that what are the requirements to start VoIP business in USA? If anybody have idea about this, please send links or website addresses.

Thank you.


Notice an Asterisk Biz forum on this site?

the first requirement would be plenty of cash to throw away, or lots of backers willing to watch their investment disappear with little return for some time. :frowning:

The first requirement is to know what type of VoIP business you want to be in.
For example, hardware, software, VoIP provider, consulting business or what.
Until you can answer that question forget about starting any business.


Thank you for your response. First I need to start and act as a “Voip Provider” like and

Can you please tell me what are the requirements to start the above business in USA or Canada?

Look forward to your response. Thank you.


you could help yourself first of all but using the nice “Search” facility at the top of the forum. go search for “start and provider” and you’ll find a few posts/threads where people have asked the exact same question before.

if that’s not enough for you, perhaps searching the wiki at … ext+Vonage will start you off)

good luck.