Request for information re: Asterisk + MS LCS integration

Can anybody provide me with information, or pointers to information, about integrating Asterisk and Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005? I haven’t had much luck with Google, and Microsoft’s own site doesn’t seem to have any specific information about pbx integration. Basically, I’ve seen demos where, for example, a user of the MS Office Communicator (an IM-type interface) could select a contact, and his phone extension would automatically go to speaker and connect to the contact, or incoming calls would pop up on screen, along with options to answer, transfer, etc (e.g., this video: ). I’m trying to find out if this sort of integration is possible using Asterisk.

[EDIT] Fixed URL.

Here are some examples of Jabber/XMPP:

IM me with your email address and I will IM you with a document specific to Microsoft LCS/Telephony integration. It would effectively need to follow the models above.