REQ: SCOOPSERVE web GUI for * feedback & screenshots

i’ve been told 'bout scoopserve being a great web gui for * managment.
but googling gave me only a few links and i cant get to their web site.

anyone has used this? what is it worth?

if anyone could link me to some screenshots too … :smile:

We are currently using this GUI and it has been setup very well and easy to configure. We are having some issues with sound quality and agent login/logout problems due to CPU load but this is hardware related more than software we assume.

I have found their programmers to be very open to ideas and they are very willing to work in new features into the gui to make operating call centers easier.

Check out and tell him that Bob from NuComm sent you.

thx for the swift reply.

could u give us a clue as why u preferred this GUI to others (AMP, switchvox etc) and whether this GUI allows full editing of dialplan?