Repo vs Source

Have 2 Asterisk 1.8.5 systems installed via repo with addon/mysql modules. Wanted source so installed 1.8.11 recently and are unable to install addons/mysql. Do I have to go back to 1.6 source to have the feature?

What’s stopping you from compiling 1.8.11 with the MySQL addon?

There isn’t a source install for for a source installed system greater than, or I can’t find one; I know where to look. The source version I’m on is I tried yum install of the 1.8.5 version and corrupted the modules, had to recompile to fix. I simply wanted a source install just in case we lose our repo features some day. Just like what I’m experiencing now with source availability.

For 1.8, make menuconfig, then look in the Add-ons folder then the deprecated section.

Problem fixed. Those of us that have had asterisk boves for 3 & 4 years get very cockey with our Linux abilities. I think I’ve almost done everything with asterisk, agi’s, database calls, callfile scripts…the list goes on. The problem was “mysql-devel” wasn’t installed. A routine package. Thank you for responding just the same. Sincerely dale mcwhorter

Yay :smile: