Replacing Cisco Call Center Suite

Has anyone out there replaced Cisco’s IPCC Premium or the current Cisco Call Center product with Asterisk configured as a call center application?

If so, what were some of the major difficulties – if any – you encountered in configuring Asterisk to mimic those things the agents and/or supervisors liked about the Cisco product?

In the end product, were there things you absolutely could not duplicate that the agents/supervisors wished they still had in the Asterisk product?

Were you able to get as good as – or perhaps even better – reporting statistics from Asterisk as those supported by Cisco product? This would include real time live statistics for supervisors to monitor during working hours as well as daily/weekly/monthly/archival reports.

What things did you find – those delicious AHA moments – that you could do with Asterisk that weren’t in the Cisco product as you worked your way down the development path?

Lastly, does anyone know if Digium has developed – or is considering developing – a more in-depth training regimen specifically geared toward call center application development?

Thank You in advance for any input you may provide.