Replace OS on doorphones?

Maybe it’s the wrong place to ask, in the case simply delete this question.

I’ve bought some devices from different vendors, all with proprietary OS,
pretty sure those use Linux as basis, but they closed the source code.

Is there a way to load some open source linux distro, where I could add asterisk or a sip client that could run as a trunk or extension, on which maybe I can have more control of it, or just can understand what’s going on the device?

Any idea is appreciated.
Thanks, BR

That would be illegal (although they don’t have to tell you which bits they’ve used and how they configured it.

Illegal to make closed sources?
Or illegal to buy hardware you cannot control?
Should I make my own startup, develop closed source system sell it to some system integrator that can discover my system is shit so can try another one again and again?
Nice advice, thanks

The OS is hardly the problem. You have to know a lot about the underlying hardware to make things fly. AFAIK, the phone manufacturers usually do publish their Linux sources. For example, this is the page for Snom phones: Source Code & GPL Open Source | Snom Technology

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I’ve looked up for Dahua and Akuvox but didnt’ find anything from them.

Thank you @EkFudrek for the informations, for making me discover this: Dooropener for Snom PA1


Snom PA1 is an older system and not a video-doorstation by itself. The PA1 also supports certain additional products such as switchable contacts, which can then be used to switch typical doorbell transformers via relays. This is usually integrated in the video door stations and you do not need additional devices like the PA1.

It’s ok that is not managing video, not every installations need it.

I’ve already happily used Snom products, so as simple audio doorphone it could be a more easy and time saver solution than reinvent the wheel.

If you or anyone as good adivce for SIP video/non video door station please feel free to add a reply.

Anyway if the manufacturers out there would work togheter, on “one and only one” common operating system with same SIP management, giving the freedom to choose between the hardware, this would be a better world.

Illegal to modify the source code of Linux and not provide the modified source code to your customers for no more the cost of physically providing machine readable copies of it. If they haven’t modified the source code, you can refer to the standard Linux source archives.

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