Removing persistent members

I had persistentmembers=on in my queues.conf file and I was doing some testing. Then I decided it was better to have this set to off while testing so i did that and continued my testing.

Now it’s a few weeks later and I want to re-enable the feature. I have done so and now all my old queue members from a few weeks ago are appearing. I tried to manually remove them with ‘queue remove member’ for example i tried ‘queue remove Local/12345@agents’ and I got an No Such Command error.

I then tried creating a RemoveQueueMember line in an extension and dialing the extension. Again, no joy.

Is there a way to quickly wipe the members list? Isn’t it held in astdb? Can i quickly wipe that?



Hi it is inthe astdb as is lots of other stuff, best go through it carefully and remove them.


I found it easiest to nuke the whole file in /var/lib/asterisk/astdb… not pretty but very quick!

I want to move away from astdb and use mysql to store my queue members but even though I have enabled queue_members in extconfig.conf and created the appropriate table and odbc connection, addQueueMember still adds to astdb :frowning: