Removing LRN from callerid

We have some strange numbers appearing on our caller ID’s and from what I have found from my research is that it is called a Location Routing Number.

Here is an example of what is appearing on the caller ID:

Is there anyway to remove this and just show the actual number that called?

Asterisk provides many tools to alter the callerid, in your cause as it is an incoming call you can use the CALLERID() function,It is used to examine and alter the caller information that came into the dialplan with the call. Then the call with it’s caller information passes on to the destination using the Dial() or Queue() application.

Do you know of a specific function that will accomplish what I want? It seems like I would have to do regular expressions and strip everything out which seems like overkill. Is this a common problem that occurs? It doesn’t seem like we had this issue before until recently and nothing has changed.

You got filter function() and also cut(), any of them can do the job

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you can also set “trustrpid=no” for the specific sip peer and that should revert to the From header.

This is what we ended up doing, thanks for the info.

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